Coriander & ginger tea 200g

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This pack of “coriander & ginger tea” contains 100% organic sun dried pan toasted and blended coriander flakes and sun dried and blended ginger flakes. which gives you essential health benefits with no doubt. many researches have been carried out and have proven these facts.

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City/Town: Rajagiriya

Published: 14 November 2021

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We have not added any artificial flavors or any preservatives. this is a non-gmo (genetically modified organisms) product this product is guaranteed to be 100% natural.

Ingredients • coriander (coriandrum sativum) - seeds • ginger (zingiber officinale) – rhizomes serving for one add one or two teaspoon(s) of “coriander & ginger tea” in to a teapot and one cup of boiled water. brew 3-4 minutes and strain.

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