Ceylon green tea with cinnamon & ginger 100g

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This pack of “green tea with cinnamon & ginger” contains finest green tea carefully intermingled together with ceylon cinnamon ( true cinnamon) and ginger which indulge your taste buds and pamper your mind with a mild relaxing aroma.

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City/Town: Rajagiriya

Published: 14 November 2021

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We have not added any artificial flavors or any preservatives. this is a non gmo (genetically modified organisms ) product this product is guaranteed to be 100% natural.

Ingredients ● ceylon bopf tea (camellia sinensis) ● ceylon ginger (zingiber officinale) ● ceylon cinnamon (cinnamomum verum) preparation : serving for one tea add one teaspoon of “green tea with cinnamon & ginger” in to a teapot and one cup of boiled water. brew for 2-3 minutes and strain

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