The only and best solution for banned lunch sheets - 900ml

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With a new face, quality food packages for you and the environment from us.. for easier and more secure delivery of food orders you take. premium #craft_food_box 700ml, 900ml & 1200ml available #kraft_paper lunch box 700ml. (6" × 4" x1.75") rs. 18.50 900ml (6 x 4.5" 1.75") rs. 19.50 1200ml (7 × 4.75 x 2") rs. 23.50 very suitable for food parcels.. a country without polytheism.. delivery can be arranged #island_wide 🚚🚚 size: 900ml (6 x 4.5" 1.75")

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City/Town: Colombo

Published: 30 September 2021

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