Ceylon handmade cool clay water bottle

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Description clay is an eco-friendly material. it plays an important role in the environment itself by being a natural scavenger of pollutants. the natural source is structured in a way that it collaborates with water to increase its quality. as a result, clay is well known for its hygienic quality. this amazing material is molded into different shapes and forms giving opportunity for hidden talents to find its way to the surface. sri lanka is a country that has a long history with such clay-based products. the key requirement of a vessel is always to serve the purpose it is designed for. sri lankan potters create their unique products with the use of equipment that is specially built for pottery. traditional water-storing vessels designed by these creators such as kalagediya and gurulettuwa have a spherical shape with a wide inner space to store water. the clay used to make these vessels absorbs and removes the organic and inorganic contaminants from drinking water. therefore, some of these vessels are used today in the same form while some have transformed to serve the suit modern lifestyle while delivering the same advantage to the user. free - bag and original kirala mudiya

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City/Town: Galle

Published: 23 September 2021

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